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mesmerised by the new nick cave album

maybe one day we will all meet our warren ellis and do our best work

just had the most amazing weekend with my friends len, steve and rose.  rose is an amazing chef, everything is from scratch including this duck

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went for a ride with my old friend george on tuesday


tonight I hung out with jo and gemma.  gemma has her own logo!  its the city of gemma



my best of canberra meetup group now has 3333 members!  awesome!

I find keeping a diary really helps with keeping both these sides aligned…

building my apartment at a cracking speed.  I know it will take another year but sometimes I wish they would slow down a little so I have time to get a good job and think a little

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dad is getting better.  I do wonder how he is managing when I’m not around, finances etc


dads op

such a busy week, dad is in hospital after having his knee replaced, I’m applying for jobs, looking for new housemates and broadcasting the olympic games from midnight to 8am

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my fav cafe now has a love box for dropping off and collecting messages of love.  Caught up with my friends jo and gemma, those guys really help you get grounded…

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