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amazing 3 part documentary series. here is part 1. worth a watch




bought myself a chromebook yesterday. sofar, very impressed. fast. friendly. simple to use

saw this on the train yesterday. someone reading a book. someone reading a phone. someone reading a laptop. someone reading a tablet


off to see tim berners-lee tonight with my friend chris. I like the hardware he used, designed by the company that steve jobs founded when he left apple. we live in such an interesting age. I have previously been to public lectures with bill gates (launching windows 95) and richard stallman. things to tell the grandchildren



xubuntu-logoI have recently changed my operating system from ubuntu 12.04 to xubuntu 12.04. ubuntu was too slow on my old P4. amazing what a difference a lightweight windows manager makes on an older machine. I get all the benefits of a new OS on an older machine. Great that canonicial supports so many flavours of awesome

Oh world!
Oh world! Oh universe!
We’re here
We’re ready!
What do you want?

listening to Little Magnets Versus the Bubble of Babble. very cool album. came along when I was finishing high school. part of me

“Little Magnets Versus the Bubble of Babble was the third album by UK pop rock band Transvision Vamp. The album was released in 1991, two years after their UK #1 album Velveteen.

This album did not follow in the successful footsteps of the two previous albums and sold poorly”