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took a bunch of pics at the notnext over the weekend.  I enjoy taking pics of groups of friends…

just had a week off in sydney.  caught up with some frinds old and new.  lovely to do something else for a little bit although staying in sydney was expensive…

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len came and stayed a little while on his way back to sydney.  great to see him

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len and sean dropped by canberra earlier in the week.  lovely to see them briefly



I miss the good food and the mateship at the smf



just spent a long weekend at the sydney mens festival then confest. I’m full of love for another year. lovely to see old friends. lovely to have a hot shower in the bush




our good friend nick badman was sadly missing at last years sydney mens festival. due to financial difficulties it looks like we may miss him at next years festival also. I miss his contribution

I contacted nick and asked him if I could try and raise the money to cover his airfare from england for the 2014 festival. he allowed me to proceed

I have setup a campaign via indiegogo. we are trying to raise $2000 for nicks return airfare plus $151 admin fees from indiegogo. they will cover all our credit card fees and track how close we are getting to our target. they will also refund all contributions and not charge any fee if we do not meet our target

you can view the campaign via

you can pay via paypal or credit card. the campaign ends 4 jan. if we don’t raise the full amount by then then your contribution will be fully refunded

you can pay as little or as much as you like

this is a once off campaign

please consider

yesterday I drove up with len to see his bush block/shack in yango national park. great to get out of the city, amazing sense of isolation when you get up to the block. you feel thousands of km from anywhere, in reality its just a couple of hours drive from sydney




all pics/video’s here

yesterday I went for a ride with my mate richard (from sydney mens festival) on the central coast. lovely day, nice to get out of sydney for a bit



went for a ride with richard from sydney mens festival yesterday. nice