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someone in the ASX Small Cap Investors facebook group asks?

“Is Brainchip (ASX:BRN) the beginning of skynet?

For those unfamiliar with BRN, the company is developing technology that mimics the processes of a biological brain”

interesting article

just saw this tech mpire research note

I should talk some more to patersons, they do some interesting stuff


just went and saw one of the guys who founded reposit power talk at entry 29.  canberras tech darling, interesting guy



just found this company, wellcom. I have never heard of them even thought they are pretty big and do advertising

they make some really engaging material, like this commercial for commsec, check it out…

currently trading $4.35

I wonder when the buying will kick back it. the market seems to have had enough of throwing up in the bathroom for a while…

just found this aussie startup, simply wall st. love it! and its all free at the moment…

check it out!

Screenshot from 2015-08-23 20:59:57

not a crash. the stock market is having an early spring sale 🙂


the animated graphics showing the network effect in action are mesmerizing. bought a few at $1.46, I think these guys still have a way to go…

been following this guy, Zhenya Tsvetnenko. seems pretty switched on. I like what he is doing with dcc (currently 15c) and tmp (currently 54c). I believe he may also be involved in zip (currently $1.14) I like the idea of investing in people rather than brands or ideas