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my best of canberra meetup group now has 3333 members!  awesome!


looks like my canberra social group has potential

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took my meetup group, to the treehouse again.  last night we had 55 people, yay!


took my meetup group to the treehouse again. fun night. great group


on saturday I drove to the mountains with a friend in one of these cars

our meetup group went bushwalking to the 3 sisters

then I came back to sydney for a cyclesydney ride through the greenway. a fantastic night!

match bar

last night my friday night drinks meetup group went to match bar in the city. great evening. thanks james for agreeing to organise events with the group


last night I had dinner with julie and narelle from bars/clubs. its a wild ride hanging out with them, would love to be a fly on the wall when they go to bali together!

yesterday my bars/clubs group went to handsome steves house of refreshment. had a fantastic time, saw some old friends, met some new. a perfect sunday afternoon. around 20 turned up…

on sunday I rode to queenscliff with the cycling group. thanks rus for organising!