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looks like my canberra social group has potential

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the love

I find the love between patrick and his son very photogenic



volunteered at canberras first bsides conference on the weekend

fantastic event, had a real buzz about it

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woke to find these beautiful creatures wandering around our backyard

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lovely to see them.  they do like their gourmet food…

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Screenshot from 2016-04-10 17:06:02canberra liberals have announced that they plan to provide heated seating and a service every 7 mins during peak (and cold) hours at major bus stops if they win the next election. if the seat hasn’t been taken over by a homeless person you will get to warm your lilly white ass for up to 7 mins while you think about what a great use of public funds this is. share!


F: Hi Peter,Sorry your email must have slipped through the cracks! Monday 11th sounds great. Does your group have a playlist/songs they would like to hear?

P: songs sent

F: Hi Peter, The event looks great. 🙂 Thanks for the song suggestions, That will really help. Can you give me a general age group of the people who are attending? It will really help me choose meaningful songs for them. We’re looking forward to having you next week

P: you can always go to the link I sent you and click on peoples profile pics

F: Ok great Thanks Peter. 🙂

F: I’ve just heard that one of my other members has made a playlist for tomorrow! I hope you don’t mind if we use hers instead. Sorry for the confusion caused. 🙂

P:just wanted to point out how shit it is for someone to invite you to do something and then for them to withdraw that offer with an email saying “hey, I’ve withdrawn the offer.  hope you don’t mind”
F: I can understand your frustration. I am currently working 3 jobs whilst also running a weekly community dance event. A week ago, I asked one of my regular customers if they could take over for a few weeks as I was inundated at work. I forgot to mention that they would need to include your six songs. I’m sorry for my forgetfulness. During busy times, it is very hard for me to create a 1 hour playlist based on the 6 songs provided by your group. One of my regulars made an hour long playlist for Monday without telling me. I found out about it yesterday. I then made the executive decision to run with that playlist based on my workload at this time. This regular has been attending my events for over 3 years.

I apologise if this has upset you. All the best.


just started reading this.  I love the author, very engaging



everyday life on a sunday at my work….