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my fav cafe now has a love box for dropping off and collecting messages of love.  Caught up with my friends jo and gemma, those guys really help you get grounded…

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when I think of getting a job I think of moving into my apartment.  this picture was taken the day before we were told about the redundancies.  something about this tiny structure reminds me that the hardest part of any journey is taking the first step




just got back from holidays to discover that my job will most likely be made redundant by the end of nov.  a real curveball, nobody was expecting it.  I felt like I was in a good place, I was enjoying the work and working towards something (buying my first apartment)

pic of me

taken by my friend david while in sydney


last weekend I went to a 1970’s themed party28085694722_a86bf94268_z


things fell from the ceiling.  people had a good night

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mesmerised by the speed at which they are building my apartment.  here they are doing earthmoving right next to wet concrete.  must take some co-ordination


off to see alain de botton next month with my philosophical friends andy and graham.  I think we will be seeing the philosopher from behind.  perfect!




I think I’m too organised. I need a lovely lady to come and play havoc with my routine existance


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