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my friend peti is leaving soon. she has drawn everyone on the glass wall next to the control room. guess which one I am…


kinda the james bond look


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one day soon they will make a statue in a small town of this man adjusting the mix of a 2 stroke engine



on saturday I took my dad to costco. he seemed to enjoy the experience but said that he didn’t. I enjoyed his company just the same. and I enjoyed costco as well, really interesting place


ian is always playing with his car

here he is installing a bashplate so he can do river crossings



been plugging away at Walter Isaacson’s Einstein bio. amazing work, some 700 pages long. I love walters work, his jobs bio was really really well researched. this one is not only a fantastic account of einstein but also the world he lived in


hopefully will be a good album. I so wish I could take pictures like that


I’m totally buying shares in this thing when the company lists in the next couple of months. it may break, people may die. but it looks awesome

been enjoying the perfect cycling weather around canberra at the moment