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cool make hack void promo video.  hope to get involved with these guys again…

finally finished “Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace”  Wow.  I do enjoy non-fiction but this guy just might get me into non fiction.  such an engaging story about such an engaging man.  I cried my eyes out at the end of the book..

reading “every love story is a ghost story” about david foster wallace.  famous for this speech

as the sun was setting some of the last people there went outside to get a pic.  it was a moment.  I really loved working at prime, great work environment in the end.  first place in a long time I’ve really enjoyed going to work at


In the end, I’m not interested
in that which I fully understand.
The words I have written over the years
are just a veneer.
There are truths that lie
beneath the surface of the words…
truths that rise up without warning,
like the humps of a sea monster
and then disappear.
What performance and song is to me
is finding a way to tempt the monster
to the surface,
to create a space,
where the creature can break through
what is real and what is known to us.
This shimmering space,
where imagination and reality intersect…
…this is where all love
and tears and joy exist.
This is the place.
This is where we live.

rode to sly fox for coffee.  lunch at anu food co-op

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had dinner with my cousins last night


I had no idea that prime lost around 75% of its value in the 3 years I was there…