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yesterday my bars/clubs group went to handsome steves house of refreshment. had a fantastic time, saw some old friends, met some new. a perfect sunday afternoon. around 20 turned up…

tonight my bars/clubs group is heading to a club called first floor 393. should be fun.

“Hip Hop fans flock to this late night bar for harsh, tasty beats and some serious dancing. Yep, this joint takes pride in keeping the party going long after other bars have closed”

my new favourite bar in melbourne. the menu says it all

on saturday night my bars/clubs group is heaving back to the longroom. last time we went there we had around 60 people coming along, this time it looks like we might have more than that (we may even get close to 100 coming) should be a fun night!

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tonight my bars/clubs group is off to loop bar in the city. we will have around 45 peeps attending

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this sat night my meetup.com group is off to PJ O’Brien’s in southgate. we have 30 odd coming

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