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it was a weekend of cycling this weekend, starting with a wonderful critical mass ride on friday night. great to hang out with old bikefun friends

fantastic ride last night, my fav full moon ride for a long time (I did get bogged at the last one though…) great company, good speed and enough slidey sections to make things interesting (watching nik pilot his gazelle as it slid from one side of the track to the other was really something) thanks to nik/ned for organising

the new bikefun calendar is out! I have a few events posted for the next month. should be a good month for having fun and riding a bike. enjoy the change of season

bikefun calendar

We will ride along the bay back into the City with maybe the chance of a swim along the way.

Take the 6:36 Flinders St Frankston train (platform 8) to Mordialloc Station, arriving at 7:24pm (We’ll be in the last carriage).

The water in the bay is warm at this time of year, so bring your cozzie plus food and drink to share.

really looking forward to it!

December Full Moon Ride see the Christmas lights — Tuesday 21st December
7:22PM Greensborough Railway Station. Catch the 6:40 Hurstrbidge loop train from Flinders St (Platform 1, last carriage is at Princes Bridge end). Ride the Plenty River trail to Banyule Flats, continue on the Yarra trail to Burke Rd East Ivanhoe, ride through The Boulevard to see the Christmas lights, continue on the City via Fairfield, Westgarth and Fitzroy, or catch a train back into town.