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caught up with my good friend pete from melb yesterday


penultimate night on the pedicab. huge crowds for fleet week



caught train home to see the break of dawn


another busy weekend. went to my friend michelle bday party with len. met her new boyfriend



saturday afternoon cyclesydney went and checked out the giant snails in sydney. we had a coffee at barcycle in walsh bay. very cool


and of course pedicabbing fri/sat nights. sat night we rolled into town with dave, aaron and our electrics expert dinga


aaron gets along with everyone


caught up with regular customers nadine and co. they are very funny



more acting at performancespace with bingo unit. this time jonathan louie and I were intereviewing the suspect


and of course more pedicab riding on sat night



last weekend I hung out with my dad


discovered mr falcons cafe in glebe (these guys were rehearsing the awesome)


hung out with dave on my pedicab


picked up some cute/fun girls


we have a giant mayan calandar at work at the moment

we had our office xmas party on friday night. thats all I wanted to say

friday night I went to the first show with the secret gig society

on saturday I went to the whoop! cycling festival with my flatmate mark

and the gang

today len came over for a cup of tea and a chat

he is a hipster now!

went and saw the art and about artworks with cylesydney. some interesting works. esp the house that was raining on the inside as a metaphor for loss

andy ks dads 80th bday sat night. love watching mike and di dance together even thought they split up years ago. deep affection

sunday. tour of sculpture exhibition at rookwood cemetary. very cool

afterwards we had a delicious dinner in strathfield followed by desert at yogurtberry. yay! yogurtberry bunny

yesterday I went for an amazing ride with cyclesydney + ashbug

then of course we had to take sonia to a park for a play on the swing

then today I went with suzanne and her niece to lunch around hunters hill

caught up with graham

then some old friends from bikefun melboune

then had a ride and dinner with the wonderful folks from ashbug


on saturday I went to sonia’s bday and then marcus’ bday

yesterday I went to seans house for a wonderful pancake breakfast

then I spent the afternoon at suzanne’s house chatting while she cooked