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saturday I went for a chocolate ride with bike marrickville.

think I might have made a new friend, pippa

saturday night I went and joined my cousin for his 40th. pics can be found here

spent a fantastic weekend with chris

we went for a ride with cyclesydney together on sat afternoon

nervous wait to get on the ferry to cockatoo ilsand

camping on cockatoo island

then catching up suzanne from cyclesydney on sunday to round off a fantastic weekend

weekend report

another huge weekend of cycling. friday night was critical mass

then the bikesydney social lounge

saturday was the cyclesydney gong ride

then on sunday I attended the confest picnic in centennial park

yesterday was huge. had coffee with graham in the morning

then lunch with lee

then a ubuntu 12.04 release party at a bookshop

then a ride with ashbug in the evening. I really liked the ride leader, chris. fun guy


had a wonderful long weekend. on thurs night I went to bingo with my bookclub

fri night I went for a ride with bikefun.org

caught up with a bunch of friends in melbourne town

then yesterday I spent the day with my dad

yay! easter is almost here. I have a huge one planned. tranny bingo in the cross tomorrow night. with the girls from my book club 🙂 full moon ride on friday night with the guys from bikefun. my bars/clubs group meetup on sat night

phew! should be a huge one!