Category: mens groups

sydney mens festival this weekend! something I look forward to every year

looking forward to a relaxing weekend catching up with some old friends

for pics of past festivals see here


just went and saw len in his new shack

on friday night len and I sat by the open fire in an empty house and have a nice long chat

he was throwing wooden trinkets into the open fire. touching


len looked a little sad as I was leaving for work this morning

the sydney mens festival starts on sunday. I plan to go for the whole week. looking forward to a relaxing week with a great bunch of guys

this morning brett from the sydney mens festival came for a chat. lovely to catch up with an old friend. love sitting around and having a chat on a saturday morning

yesterday I had lunch with richard alexander from the sydney mens festival. great to catch up with richard, I really enjoy his company

just returned from the sydney mens festival. had an amazing time. thankyou everyone! feel so relaxed/energised, like going overseas for a month!

off to the sydney mens festival next week