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lovely to spend some time with an old friend


just had a week off in sydney.  caught up with some frinds old and new.  lovely to do something else for a little bit although staying in sydney was expensive…

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len came and stayed a little while on his way back to sydney.  great to see him

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len and sean dropped by canberra earlier in the week.  lovely to see them briefly


and another

nice pic of me and len



today I went and hung out with my close friends



and len


I’m not much of a builder but this looks pretty good to me


last weekend I took my bike on the mosman ferry. those things go so fast!

caught up my amazing stained glass artist friend jeff

had coffee with my friend from the sydney mens festival, graham

living with my good friend len

don’t mean to say he collects stuff. but he has three of these things in the lounge room