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yesterday I got up really early and went on the 50km sydney springcycle. fantastic ride!

then I went and met pippas dogs. so cute!

later I caught up with bob from cyclesydney. its been ages since we have seen each other


today I caught up my friends sonia and bob

somehow I don’t feel honoured that I’m give a bank holiday on monday.

off to see a guy I knew from my uni days, geoff tonight

tomorrow night cyclesydney is off on a full moon ride

then I will go see len in the countryside on sunday.

have a cold. taking it easy

my long weekend started our slowly then ended up being really busy

went to bathurst and saw some old friends from my uni days. spent some time with an old friend, michelle. nice to see you!

tonight I went and saw Coniston at the sydney film festival. amazing and moving doco

its a weekend of cycling with cycle sydney, my new meetup group. tonight we’re riding to an outdoors cinema

tomorrow night we’re heading to sydney olympic park for a full moon ride (bikefun.org style)

I have also secured a domain name for the group


also cycling reated, my vintage japanese bike is going to be in an optus commercial, pretending to be a vintage chinese bike. lets just hope they don’t take her down any hills…

had a huge day yesterday

caught up with a mate dave in a park

a mate chris came to visit from melbourne town..

saw an old friend from confest, tessa

in the evening hung out with friends I have know for many years, graham and nicky

I even tried one of sydneys new open air urinals

had my friday night drinks meetup group at ondergrounds on friday night

went ice skating on saturday night

today I took bikefun to the ausbike expo

friday night I went on a bikefun.org full moon ride

on sunday I helped nik move by bike

another busy weekend

friday night my bars/clubs group went to ladida. great night, I was hanging out with my buddy julie

I was quite tipsy by the end of the night, but had a great time. disappointed that I missed the very last space shuttle blast off by a couple of minutes

yesterday I hung out with my friend chris

he was rocking out in his band, gallant trees

another busy weekend in my life. I should schedule quiet weekends every once and while!

friday was our annual work lunch/drinks

saturday saw birthday drinks for my friend tim

today was the bikefun cycling winery tour

phew! now I’m tired, I need to have an early night before another week at work…